Furniture Removals From A Top Floor Flat

05Dec 2014

If you’re moving out of a top floor flat, you’re probably better off to hire the services of a professional removal company as they have the experience of carrying out furniture removals from tricky and hard to reach areas. Whether or not you have a lift and with the likelihood of narrow hallways and staircases, expert movers are trained with moving furniture without damaging your sofa or oak dining room table! So instead of going solo with this type of relocation, here is a list of reasons outlining why it’s best left to the moving companies to handle!Can you imagine trying to move your fridge down three flights of stairs with the help of a friend or even two? You’ll more than likely either damage the fridge or hurt your back in the process! The entire scenario spells out disaster! Professional movers however will arrive with all the necessary equipment and tools to effectively and expertly carry your fridge and place it safely onto the removal van. You won’t have to worry about irreparably damaging your prized kitchen possession or about injuring your back! The same applies to moving your washing machine or dishwasher!These days the majority of wardrobes and beds can be dismantled. If this is the case for you, why not try and disassemble as much of your furniture as you can before the movers arrive, to facilitate easier transport of what would be your heavier and bulky items down the stairs. This might even mean you can fit the items into a lift if you have one! If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, ask the movers to dismantle your shelves or wardrobe. It will of course be added to the final cost of the removal services.If you need to relocate a large sofa or bed that don’t come apart, then you will need to inform your moving company beforehand. It’s imperative when it comes to this type of move to ask the professionals to pay you a home visit, so they can see what they’re dealing with and give you an estimate of the removal service they’ll be providing. For example if they deem it impossible to carry your bed down the stairs, or even fit the item through the doorway, they may need to remove it through a window. This will mean they’ll need to hire a crane. If you’re the flat owner and moving out with the intention of renting, you might want to consider leasing the property furnished. This would save you money on furniture removals!The more that needs to be moved from a top floor flat, the higher your removal costs will be and the more hectic it will all prove!When moving flat it’s important to consider planning early and packing well before you’re move out date! By leaving things to last minute you’ll only elevate your stress levels. Keep a moving checklist, so you don’t leave anything out. Also make sure if hiring a man and van service, that you are accommodated with the right sized vehicle when dealing with furniture removals! Also make a plan of where your furniture needs to go in your new home. If you’re moving to another flat, be sure to find out all access points and also inform the movers. They’ll need to know if there is a lift and what they’re dealing with. You don’t want to arrive at your new premises only to find it’s impossible for the professionals to get your sofa up the stairs or into the lift! Preparation for furniture removals during a flat move is as you can see, essential!

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